miércoles, mayo 29

The Acrobats of the Apocalypse - Oil on canvas, 40x30"

Four ghosts loom around a nightscape of the Nevada desert in an image that depicts both personal and philosophical ideas.

The Acrobats named Death, Battle, Conquest and Judgement, counter-clockwise from the right, draw a cycle of human civilization counting backwards towards our most primitive stages. The stormy sky on which they float indicates a coming change, thus signaling a prophecy and a historical reflection.

The Eye of God indifferently manifesting over a single, humble tent in the middle of the nightscape: the setting of world-changing events seems insignificant from a cosmic point of view.
The tent also stands for the Earth, in a synecdoche where the Nevada desert and its night sky symbolize the rest of the universe.

jueves, octubre 27

Grabados digitales para Gráfica Escrita. 8.5"x11" cada uno

Dos obras que nunca hubieran nacido sin la colaboración impulsada por Luis Pinto para su proyecto Gráfica Escrita. Ambas corresponden a textos por Wendy García Ortiz y Pablo Bromo, respectivamente.

El Niño y El Nahual. Óleo sobre lienzo. 146x110 cm.